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Writing an SEO title for your Law firm can be a challenge because you’re writing for Users and Search Engines alike.

You need to make it compelling to differentiate your law firm from others, and at the same time, you can’t write what you want because Google takes your title into consideration in addition to other elements like your URL, website architecture and design, your content, H tags, link building, Google My Business, Schema, and more…

Some people may think that the title also affects Social media, but with og: tags, that’s not a problem anymore.

Luckily, it turns out it really isn’t as difficult as it sounds.

In case you’re new to SEO, let’s start with the basics.

What is an SEO title?

An SEO title or page title is the first thing a user sees when they do an online search:

When looking at titles for attorneys and law firms, there are two important factors to focus on:

  • Communicate what your law firm does (or the service you’re focusing your title on)
  • Make people want to click (or finding a differenciator when possible)

Is the title tag, meta title, and SEO title the same thing?

In short, yes.

But most Content Management Systems like WordPress allow you to modify the page or post “title” you see in the backend and the final Title you want to show Google and the users.

Sometimes, you may see that your title is different in Google than the one you have on your law firm website. While not common, Google tests frequently but your title will still be the same in your website code.

The title tag is simply a line of HTML code that tells search engines what to show as a page title in the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages.)

How can I change the title tag in your law firm’s website?

I don’t think you want to be geeking on the source code of other lawyer websites, but you can find the title of any website by right-clicking on a page and clicking “view source code”. You’ll find something like this:

If you compare this title with the one shown in the image above, you’ll notice the Title shown on Google got “trimmed”, that’s because there are limitations on how many characters will be shown in Google.

That’s why writing short and to the point titles is a good option.

This website did something clever though.

The cut point includes 5 stars reviews but they still included Oregon injury attorney in the title for SEO purposes (even if it doesn’t show on Google.

How to create a good SEO title for your law firm

First, think about Google.

For the most part, you always want to add the keywords you’re targeting to your title. Even though Google is getting more and more clever in understanding what users are searching for, a keyword-based first title is a must.

Yes, Google uses search intent, semantic relevancy, and Latent Semantic Indexing to understand searches but don’t let people fill you with fancy words like the ones I used.

Check, after doing keyword research, if your competitors have the keyword in their title. If the top results do, it’s likely part of what they’re raking well (although by itself is not a strong enough signal to rank on the top 5.

In our example:

Portland Personal Injury Attorney

Second, find an angle.

If you look at the previous title results for personal injury lawyers in Portland, they all look the same, except the **** 5 Star Rated Oregon… title.

It stands out because the other ones don’t say anything about ratings or have “an angle”.

So think about an angle like:

  • 150+ Oregonians trust us.
  • $500M in won cases.
  • 160 combined years of experience.
  • Big firm at affordable prices.
  • Oregon Licensed <– this is obvious but the fact that your firms leads with this could make people searching others may not be licensed in Oregon.
  • We only charge if we win <– while this may be obvious to you, most people don’t know it (and not all firms operate like this).

As you can see there are multiple angles depending on what your firm looks like, accomplishments, etc.

Be honest because you can be hold accountable.

It can be tempting to write a clickbait headline knowing that more people will click on it and come to your website but this will work against you.

If your Title is not relevant or hypes something that’s not true, people not only will leave your website right away (which will tell Google they’re not interested in your content), but will also create a bad reputation.


As you can see, writing titles for your law firm has a part of copywriting and catching people’s attention as well as an SEO part to make sure Google sees you as doing the right thing. Make sure you get your titles right and contact us if you need help getting your titles to the next level.

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