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Search Engine Optimization for Law Firms Is A Must.

Getting more cases is the goal of any law firm that wants to grow and increase their exposure and authority over the years.

Without the proper SEO strategy, there are zero chances of growing your law firm and building a practice that will thrive long term.

Client Results

These are the same results you can see in the video

Client Testimonials:

You Can Get More Cases

330 Billion

Revenue generated per year

40 Million

Lawsuits per year in the US

1.35 Million

Registered lawyers in the US

Imagine if you could get help from a top SEO agency that has worked with companies in the $100+ million per year and has generated 10’s of millions of dollars and visits for these companies.

Imagine if your law firm SEO agency could implement the same SEO strategies these big companies use – and few people know – at a fraction of the budget they have. 

Welcome to Lawyer SEO Firm: We bring law firms organic search strategies big companies use and most attorney SEO agencies don’t even know exist.

Your Growth Is Our Priority

You may be aware that other Law firms in your areas of practice and in the cities you serve are getting more cases, phone calls and traffic than you do even if you know your firm is as competent as theirs (or even better) in terms of your ability to defend your clients.

This happens for two reasons:

  1. You have less visibility and exposure from search engines.
  2. They have a bigger SEO budget.

The solution to 1. is to create an SEO and Google My Business plan for your law firm that can increase the number of phone calls and cases for your firm coming from search engines.

You may think the solution to 2. is to increase your SEO budget but it can also mean your firm hasn’t been implementing the right SEO strategies. Bigger budget is not always the solution to get more exposure and cases.

How Do We Bring More Cases to Your Law Firm Every Month?

Link Building (Backlinks)

Creating mentions or backlinks from other websites to yours is one of the strongest signals Google uses to rank websites. 

Content Marketing

Creating the right content and pages is essential to create more awareness and exposure. You need the right content to do so.

Google My Business (GMB)

Constantly optimizing your Google My Business is essential to get more cases as well as monitor competition spam and attacks.

On-site SEO

Without a highly optimized website, every other SEO effort will have weak results. This is the baseline to get better results.

Technical SEO

This is the foundation to make sure every SEO implementation doesn’t break or fail. It’s the less “sexy” part but needed for your law firm. 

Tracking and Reporting

Tracking helps with changing approach if needed and reporting for you to know what we’ve done.

About Lawyer SEO Firm

My name is Jesus Meca (founder) and I have been doing SEO since 2011, and since 2014 I’ve helped bring 10’s of millions of dollars and 10’s of millions of organic visits to my clients.

I’ve built and managed the SEO department of an agency and have consulted for an agency with clients in the $80 million + range → This has allowed me to tap into strategies most agencies don’t know.

I’ve worked with small clients and big ($150+ million and 1,000’s of employees), but for me, it all started with Lawers.

When I started in my SEO journey (2011 in Spain) the first clients I had were lawyers (I built websites, rank them, and offer them to lawyers). Since I moved to Oregon I’ve help a few law firms but I was focused in other verticals.

Until now:

Why Helping Law Firms?

My father was a lawyer and had his own practice (as my uncle and cousin)  so I have always had an affinity with the industry and lawyers in general. He showed me the values all lawyers swear by: Respect, Justice, Truth, Care, being ethical, and to do my  best to support my clients.

I’m bringing all the experience I have accumulated over the years working with big clients to you and your law firm so you can help others bring justice to their lives.